Why is it Important to Test your Marketing and Advertising?

A/B Ad Testing

Think about this. When you are making a large purchase do you ever sign on the dotted line before testing the product? Would you buy a luxury car before taking it for a drive? Would you buy a house before walking through the house checking for cracks or plumbing defects?

So why when you run a business would you invest time and money into an advertising campaign and roll it out without testing it? As a smart business person, you wouldn’t, if you knew the value of testing that is. While you may have ideas as to what is a good headline or catchphrase, story, brand properties but your customers may view it differently. What you thought would generate a great response may not, and you won’t know this until you test it.

Why Testing is Important?
The primary reason for testing is that you never accurately know how your target market is going to respond to a headline or advert. The only way to establish this with a degree of certainty is to test the campaign. Testing will ensure that the advert you run will give you the best possible results so you will know that your advertising budget will be well spent. Testing on a small scale allows you to better predict what kind of response rate you will get from a campaign. If you received a 10% response rate with 100 customers, chances are you’ll get a similar response rate with a 1000 customers. Testing provides you with insight into your target market and can save you money. If a campaign doesn’t get a good response you can change and work at improving it before you implement or spend too much money on it.

Testing is an essential part of any marketing effort. Taking the time to test your campaigns on a small scale will ensure that you are connecting with your target market, getting the required response rate, and attracting customers to your business.

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