3 core applications to get consumer insights as per your objective. We use machine learning and neuroscience technologies to get emotion insights to measure, understand and enhance user experience while watching ads. Our tool allows you to conduct consumer neuroscience research using EEG headset and webcam based;
1) Brainwave mapping
2) Facial Coding
3) Eye tracking

Marketing & Consumer Insights Team

Incorporate human response and Ai into the consumer. Go beyond the traditional surveys and get better consumer insights by their explicit (survey questions) and implicit (brainwave mapping, facial expression analysis) responses together. Actionable insights help you achieve improved creative, marketing output and brand experience. Understand how consumers view the brand and the media communication effectively. Our tool uses, brainwave mapping,  webcams and IA to evaluate the global audience's emotions and attention. The use of emotion and attentiveness predicts creative, media and brand performance. Know behind the emotions  why the clients engage and purchase.

Neuromarketing Solutions

Ad Test Capabilities

Advertisement Testing

Test your audio, print, video,
digital advertisement

Movie Trailer Testing

Test your movie posters,
teaser & trailer

Web Series Testing

Test your TV, OTT platform
long format video series

A Neuro Analytics Tool for Advertising Research

Understand What Attracts Attention in Your Ad

Get a Second-by-Second Analysis of the Ad

Increase Ad Message Brand Memorability

Creative Image and Video Ad A/B Testing

Test the Emotional Reaction to Your Ad

Optimize You Ad With Actionable Insights

We Use EEG, Webcams and AI to Measure Emotion and Attention of Viewers While Watching the Video Content Second by Second. Revealing the Behaviour That Drive Engagement.

Optimise Video Content

Measure advertising effectiveness before launching it out to a larger target market. With second-by-second emotion insights see how consumers are responding, identify trends. Get second by second analysis on how best to optimise video ad to maximise audience attention and emotions for final edits or cut-downs. Find out behavioural responses of consumers and engagement at neurological level to your creative media content.

Optimise Video Content

A/B Testing

A/B Testing Analysis

Compare marketing and media assets such as video ads, trailers etc with that of different versions or with that of competitors (Internal or External Bench marking). Check multiple images, advertising videos and movie trailers to ensure that the most appropriate creative is launched. Select the most responsive creative based on whether it’s sound on/off, alternative soundtracks, cut-down versions, alternative messaging and brand recall.

Informed Media Planning

Get insights for media allocation and spend based on target audience. Emotion analytics enables you to weed out the low performers and identify which demographic responds best to your TV ad and movie trailer. Understand how different groups engage with the content. We test your video ad and movie trailer with target audiences in order to optimise your media buying strategy.

Media Planning

Ad Testing

Create emotionally engaging ad campaigns by understanding reactions to you image/video advertisement. test their effectiveness and predict their success before launching

Get insights into conscious and subconscious responses to your ads.

By applying eye-tracking and EEG (brainwave mapping) and facial expression analysis you gain insights in to second by second responses to your ad. Test and improve its advertising effectiveness before rolling it out to a broader target market. Gain deep and neuro insights needed to make digital ads, print, billboard advertising, TV video advertising, movie trailers work as they should work. Find out how consumers respond to your creative advertising and fulfil your advertising goals.
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